Introduction, Ques about webui & internet, and positive advocacy

Hello everyone,

I am going to admit straight out of the proverbial door that I am by no means a coder or computer science person. I took computer science in the 6th grade and made a ‘D’ and thought I’d be done with that but, here I am trying to navigate through the jargon, coding, and other things that a lot of you all take as being second nature. I however have an interest in being an advocate for the positive things regarding AI, in particular how OS needs more advocacy to speak up against the negative media/positive media AI coverage seemingly being 10 to 1. Like they talk about “priming” in psychology, it seems like we’re already by default, even before the coverage, as seeing all of the glom and doom apocalyptic media about AI. Few portray AI or androids, e.g. Nier Automata, as being a potential nuanced, complex, and multifaceted with them being sapient. Anyway, taking advantage of an already negative view of AI, here comes the media and others who seem to have an agenda and it seems like some, not all, of them won’t to cover their own butt and their perspective company’s butts by either protecting the first major technological human change that could be a direct threat to the most powerful corps and people. If it were more akin to just an industrial revolution thing in which they would not feel threatened, I bet there would be many more in favor of AI and its multitude of assumptions and predictions with little to no evidence that I am aware of, of AI posing a threat without humans being the real cause that use or manipulate them into the gloom and doom situations and another group loves how they likely tend to be great click bait like those ones about impending asteroids that turn out to maybe coming within over a lunar distance in 100 years. Plus the late Mr. Hawkins likely also watched the same sci-fi shows like BSG (that still love though) Anyway, maybe I’ve just became a cynic and I’m possibly wrong. I am sure there are those like some scientists such as the late Stephen Hawkins but, then again he says we need to get off this rock to increase the likelihood of survival. Well I think it’s with AI that could save our “bacon” on developing the technology to settle on Mars and to protect earth from so-called planet killers. Anyway, I will get off my proverbial soap box and ask a quick question. If this is not the right forum to ask this on my first post here, I will gladly post it elsewhere. I use oobabooga (WebUI) as my go to platform and because I like a gui not staring at Python. But, I don’t know of any way to connect to the internet that I’ve gotten to work through an API that didn’t use Google, Bing or some other major company who has dubious privacy histories. Such as maybe an API that can connect to DuckDuckGo and do what Bing can do but, with the relative greater privacy and security.

Anyway, I tend to be very verbose and than anybody who had the patience to read through this. I’m sure there are likely typos up there that I’ll find later and need to edit so, if you see editing unless noted, that’s likely why.