AI Regulations - request that we are all aware

Hi All,

Thanks to Huggingface team, I was able to get started in AI very fast. I remember trying out with TensorFlow and torch in earlier days (5+ years back) and it used to be quite hard since high level methods not so intuitive (IMHO)
When I tried Huggingface, things just worked and I learnt along the way. Thank you to tech team at Huggingface and also community.

Please forgive is this is not the right place / context to post. I did search the forum for a better place, but could not find it.

AI Regulations are in the process. Normally we dont have to worry much because usually finally everything averages out and we devs get a decent level of freedom.

But, with AI, I feel something negative is happening. As more and more good and honest models come out, the transparency factor of all business operations increase (eg. models can easily find outliers in business, govt. policies, law interpretation) etc. So, AI actually does harm some powerful people (though it also helps them in other areas like reducing the number of employees)

I feel the actually agenda of regulation is not to make it safer, but to curtail the natural organic growth that was achieved till now. Honestly, am afraid in another 2-6 years, places like Huggingface etc might get pressured to reduce its effectiveness (even if we look at Kaggle, instead getting better, it has stagnated).

If you get some time, please check this video. It is NOT about coding etc per se; but I was able to connect some of its content (Sections of Profit and Control) to AI. As to who and why the real beneficiaries of ‘Regulation’ are. It is NOT common people / devs. Please note I don’t refer to other part of his video (which talks about general social things), but only the one is profit and control - because that direct impacts all of us and AI.

Most of us would not have see this video, so am sharing ONLY for a good intent of helping AI community and not for any other reason. If its too late, we as a community might not get enough time to promote fool proof AI development platforms.

I do support regulation but ONLY if it genuinely helps common people and devs. not if it is a cloak to support only the powerful.

Video -