Thought and Opinions on OpenAI DevDay?

Disclaimer: I had no one to talk about this around me and the YouTube comments are disabled for the recording of the event for some reason and there is no best suited category for this kind of post so, apologies in advance. The post contains only personal opinions, both about the event and about OpenAI in general.

What do you think about what is announced in OpenAI DevDay? They are certainly inspired by the “agents” paradigm and they had already made implications in the past about how ChatGPT would evolve into something like an AppStore. There were also leaks about what we would see so, nothing that surprising for me. However, there is a tone in their representation that I’m not sure I like.

They want to capitalize on their position in the field, that they earned by being early (and by shipping crazy fast I’ll give them that), in a way that feels like they want to play the “big brother” role. They say, here are some amazing tools that we built for you, be excited about what you can build with those, come into our ecosystem and do not try to go alone in the crazy world outside it. Maybe it is best characterized by the “Open source AI is scary.” narrative.

I see what they are aiming at, they want to feudalize the unclaimed land of AI as many before them feudalized internet landscape by building dedicated communities, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. They are aiming at becoming the go-to AI infrastructure provider for the non-AI folks that want to catch the hype train. There is nothing inherently bad in this, but I would definitely like to see some competition, before the first-comer effect snowballs them out of reach for competition. Of course, HuggingFace is the biggest thing that happened to the open source AI community and it’s been a great experience for us. But I’m genuinely worried about competition against OpenAI that we need.

very interesting video and demo and your post is so thoughtful but I can’t know what to make of it