How do I get the model file after training is completed?

Hello, I cannot find the model output after training. What flag must I pass to ensure I have the output in this directory?

See my training arguments:

CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=3 python --model_name_or_path castorini/afriteva_v2_large --do_train --do_eval --source_lang unyo --target_lang dcyo --source_prefix "<unyo2dcyo>: " --train_file /mnt/disk/makindele/data_prep_eng/data_prep_eng/output_data/menyo_train.json --validation_file /mnt/disk/makindele/data_prep_eng/data_prep_eng/output_data/dev.json --test_file /mnt/disk/makindele/data_prep_eng/data_prep_eng/output_data/test.json --output_dir afriteva_v2_large_unyo_dcyo --max_source_length 512 --max_target_length 512 --per_device_train_batch_size=2 --per_device_eval_batch_size=2 --gradient_accumulation_steps=12 --num_train_epochs 3 --overwrite_output_dir --predict_with_generate --save_steps 10000 --num_beams 10 --do_predict

What should I do to get it? I need the model file. Below is the output directory’s current state: