How do make sure I am using the transformer version/code from source?

How do I know whether my jupyter notebook is using the transformer version/code that I cloned from github?

My steps:
I did fork the transformers repo in my github account then I did:
git clone --recursive
cd transformers/
conda create -n hf-dev-py380 python=3.8.0
conda activate hf-dev-py380
git checkout v4.9.2-release
pip install -e “.[dev]”
conda install -c conda-forge librosa
conda install libgcc
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$HOME/miniconda3/lib/
transformers-cli env

conda install jupyter
nohup jupyter notebook --ip= --port=myport &

When I type in my terminal “python --version”, it appears the same python version that my jupyter notebook prints (v3.8.0). But a different python version (v3.7) and directory appear in my jupyter notebook when I type:
import transformers
<module ‘transformers’ from ‘/mypath/miniconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/transformers/’>

How do I make sure my jupyter notebook is using the transformer code I cloned in my terminal?


Just to complement my question, the documentation says that pip install -e . command would link the folder I cloned the repository to my python library paths. So the python packages would get installed into the directory I used to clone the repo, which is …/transfomers/. But still I don’t see the site-packages folder there.

Any idea what do I need to do to link my jupyter notebook to my cloned folder?

Thank you!

Hi community!
Any idea on this topic? Thanks!

Why don’t you simply try (after importing the library):


and see if it turns out to be the one you are looking for?

Thank you, @shabie . The command is very useful!

But how do I make sure my the printed Transformer version (eg. 4.10.3) is using the transformer code I cloned in my terminal? Is there any setting file in transformer code where I can double check about it?

Thank you!

What I always use is the following:

!rm -r transformers
!git clone
!cd transformers
!pip install -q ./transformers
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Thanks a lot for sharing what you do!