How do notifications work?

I want to know when
a) people tag me (I get this through email, works at the moment)
b) people reply to conversations I have written in. (I get nothing if it’s not a direct reply to my post).
c) Daily new post summary. (I get this I think).

Basically I want similar notifications to github + the daily summary.

Is that possible?
@sgugger, how do you have your notifications set ?

To rephrase, the notifications if I hover over my photo are correct, I just only get emailed for a subset of them.

Mmm, not sure. (I personally hate emails so have removed every email from the forum, I just rely on notifications.)

You can set when you receive an email on this page (in settings after clicking your picture, then emails) but there doesn’t seem to be an option to get an email for each notification.

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