I would love to “like” or follow an organization?

Is that possible?
There are so many organizations upload data and model, if I can “like” or follow an organization, that will be helpful keep up on date with them

hi @JoonSumisu ,

You can Watch repos from Organizations and from individuals.
Then on your Hugging Face – The AI community building the future. you can set emails notifications.



Unfortunately watching a user or org doesn’t tell you when they’ve uploaded new stuff or made changes, unless those changes came via a PR.

I must admit I find that a bit odd. I turned on watching for a number of users/orgs because I wanted to know when they uploaded new things. But instead I only see their discussions - which aren’t usually that relevant to me. Then if they do add a new repo or change an existing one, I won’t know about until they happen to get a new discussion or PR on it.

I’d love it if we could choose to watch for new content. Ideally with some controls, like:

  • Notify on everything
  • Notify on any new repo created
  • Notify on new Model created
  • Notify on new Space created
  • Notify on new Dataset created
  • Notify on commits to any existing repos
  • Notify on commits to existing models
  • Notify on commits to existing spaces
  • Notify on commits to existing datasets
  • Notify on new discussions/PRs

That flexibility isn’t absolutely required - I’d gladly take a single option to get notified on everything - but it would be nice to be able to fine tune it. Eg personally I care a lot about knowing about new models, but less about datasets and not at all about new spaces.


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