How to create dataset from CSV to training Question answering?

I made a CSV by referring to the SQUAD data structure. Then trying use script from here to training Question answering using customized CSV.

When converting from CSV to Dataset, I understood that it was necessary to convert the feature in the answers column to Sequence (feature…, so I converted it as follows.

#Custom features
ans_feature = Features({'text': Value(dtype='string', id=None), 'answer_start': Value(dtype='int32', id=None)})
custom_features = Features(
        "id": Value(dtype='string', id=None),
        "title": Value(dtype='string', id=None),
        "context": Value(dtype='string', id=None),
        "question": Value(dtype='string', id=None),
        "answers": Sequence(ans_feature, length=-1, id=None),

#Create train datasets
df = pd.read_csv("train.csv", encoding="utf_8")
train_l = []
for index, row in df.iterrows():
    train_l.append({'id': row[0], 'title': row[1], 'context': row[2], 'question': row[3], 'answers': row[4]})

train_dataset = Dataset.from_pandas(pd.DataFrame(data=train_l), features=custom_features)

#Create validation datasets
df = pd.read_csv("validation.csv", encoding="utf_8")
train_v = []
for index, row in df.iterrows():
    train_v.append({'id': row[0], 'title': row[1], 'context': row[2], 'question': row[3], 'answers': row[4]})

validation_dataset = Dataset.from_pandas(pd.DataFrame(data=train_v), features=custom_features)

#Create datasets
raw_datasets = DatasetDict({
    "train": train_dataset,
    "validation": validation_dataset,

However, the conversion process did not go well and the following error occurred.

  File "/Users/tphan/.pyenv/versions/anaconda3-2023.03/envs/transformers/lib/python3.10/site-packages/datasets/", line 2140, in cast_array_to_feature
    raise TypeError(f"Couldn't cast array of type\n{array.type}\nto\n{feature}")
TypeError: Couldn't cast array of type
Sequence(feature={'text': Value(dtype='string', id=None), 'answer_start': Value(dtype='int32', id=None)}, length=-1, id=None)

Can someone please tell me the correct way and the code?

Can you paste the first few lines of your CSV? What the structure of the answers column in your CSV?

You can use the converters param in read_csv to parse complex columns.

Also, JSON (Lines) is much better for representing such data (load_dataset would work out of the box).

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@mariosasko Thank you for replied.

I saved the SQUAD data to CSV for testing. Then I tried two patterns of CSV as shown below, but neither could be converted successfully. I haven’t used the converers parameter yet, so I’ll try it.

You should be able to parse the second pattern with:

pd.read_csv(..., converters={"answers": lambda x: json.loads(x)})

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Thank you for your reply. I tried it, but it still doesn’t work with “json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting property name enclosed in double quotes” error.

The data structure doesn’t seem correct, so I’ll try again. Thanks again.

Sharing information for those in need like me. I was finally able to train with the following data structure. I would be happy if you could refer to it. Thanks to @mariosasko very much again.