How to get file paths when iterating over a custom dataset with KeyDataset?

I created a dataset from a folder with some mp3 files and tried to iterate over them with KeyDataset:

import datasets
from transformers import pipeline
from transformers.pipelines.pt_utils import KeyDataset
from import tqdm

dataset_mp3 = load_dataset("audiofolder", data_dir="/content/drive/MyDrive/Temp/Mp3", drop_metadata=True).cast_column("audio", Audio(sampling_rate=16000))

# KeyDataset (only *pt*) will simply return the item in the dict returned by the dataset item
# as we're not interested in the *target* part of the dataset. For sentence pair use KeyPairDataset

for out in tqdm(pipe(KeyDataset(dataset_mp3["train"], "audio"))):
    # {"text": "My audio transcription"}
    # {"text": ....}
    # ....

For now I’m getting the output for the processing I want (“text”), but how to get the file path corresponding to each output?

P.S: I’m using Google Colab.