How to save an XLS file generated on a website using Selenium, in the Huggingface hosting environment?

I’m trying every way, but I still find it very difficult to save a dynamically generated XLS file on a website using Selenium for later analysis.

Situation: I’m using Selenium to do web scraping. At some point, he needs to click a button to generate an XLS report. Locally this works as it can create a local directory to save the file. However, in a Huggingface Streamlit hosting environment, it cannot create folders. How can I save the file generated by the website within Huggingface so that it can be analyzed later by Python?

Here is part of the code that saves locally:

# Create the directory to save the XLS file, if it does not already exist
     directory = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "spreadsheets", "01")

     print(f"\n\nDownload directory: {directory}")

     if not os.path.exists(directory):

     # Set the WebDriver download directory to the created directory
     driver.command_executor._commands["send_command"] = (
     params = {
         "cmd": "Page.setDownloadBehavior",
         "params": {"behavior": "allow", "downloadPath": directory},
     driver.execute("send_command", params)


     # Click on the download link

     # Wait for the download to complete
     ) # Ideally replace with an explicit wait that checks the existence of the file

     # Assume the downloaded file is the most recent in the directory
     xls_file_path = max(
         [os.path.join(directory, f) for f in os.listdir(directory)],

     with open(xls_file_path, 'rb') as f:
         result = chardet.detect(

     # Read the file with the detected encoding
     df = pd.read_csv(xls_file_path, delimiter="\t",

     # Convert the DataFrame to a string in markdown table format
     df_string = df.to_markdown()

     print(f"\n\nConvert the DataFrame to a string in markdown table format
     df_string: {df_string}")

     print(f"\n\nXLS DATA FROM xls_file_path: {xls_file_path}")