Hugging face spaces restarting

If a space is sleeping due to inactivity and if i call the space via API, will this call via API will trigger the restart automatically?

Thank you for your help, would be nice if you can send me some sources to it?

i think you can have a test by yourself, with anyone else’s sleeping spaces.

i would try it on my own but i have an issue here and get an error?

from gradio_client import Client

client = Client("akinki1995/catch-me-if-you-can", hf_token="hf_***")
result = client.predict(
		"Hello!!",	# str in 'Input Sentence' Textbox component

maybe you can have another try on a non-sleeping space, if it worked, then the result will be clear by contrast.

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on non sleeping space, the spaces are automatically build. I think this goes same for sleeping spaces, right? The api call automatically triggers a restart?

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thank you for your help, best regards :grinning:

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