Space stopped working without reason

Hello, I have a space running a Machine Learning model interface using Gradio.
space link

The space was created 3 months ago and a few weeks ago when I last checked, it was still up and running. But today, it has stopped working without me touching anything. It doesn’t display any error whatsoever than the status ‘stopped’


Had the same issue, all my personal account’s and organization’s spaces were in Stopped state.
Needed to Factory Reboot all spaces to run again.

Same problem happened to me with only a single space and restarting or factory rebooting the space didn’t solve the problem.

One of my spaces said that was stopped due to inactivity.

This message is new, before that the section was empty. Now they explain the reason and provide the action button :+1:


What I couldn’t find was the time after which the idle state is declared.
Perhaps the team is updating the documentation in the meantime.

Hope this can help :slight_smile: