Hugging News (March 28)

Hey all!

We have many exciting updates this week! :exploding_head:

Open Source

Research :thinking:



We have lots of events for you in the next days and week!

  • :desktop: Now until April 4th. A #doc-test-sprint is ongoing and is an excellent opportunity for first time Open Source contributors to collaborate! This event is happening in Discord.
  • :frame_photo: April 4th The HugGAN sprint is kicking off next week! We’ll be offering GPU, talks, and much more! Stay tuned by joining at #join-sprint. This event is happening in Discord.
  • :video_camera: April 5th. The newly formed Computer Vision Study Group will do a session on How Do Vision Transformers Work. This event will be happening in Discord.
  • April 13th. In this SageMarker Workshop, learn to Accelerate BERT Inference with Knowledge Distillation & AWS Inferentia

Have a great week!

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