I created a learning system 📚 for all disciplines use GPT

Self-taught learning can be painful when encountering hard-to-understand materials - papers, PPTs… sometimes even my own study notes🫠

For many times, I wanted someone who understand these materials to teach me, and respond to my questions. Like my study companion, always be there and trustable.

So I created my first open source project, OmniTutor. And now I’m excited to share with you!

Below is one use case:

:sparkles:Key features

  • :teacher: Concise and clear course creation
    Generated from your learning notes (.md) or any learning materials (.pdf)!
  • :books: All disciplines
    Whether it’s math, physics, literature, history or coding, OmniTutor covers it all.
  • :gear: Customize your own course
    Choose your preferred teaching style, lesson count and language.
  • :zap:Fast respond with trustable accuracy
    problem-solving chat with the AI teaching assistant who really understand the materials.

Your personalized learning experience is in the oven…

:tada:Welcome to make progress in learning with OmniTutor!

How to use:

  1. Start the Application: Simply play with it in Huggingface! – OmniTutor - a Hugging Face Space by Siyuan0730 / clone it from GitHub GitHub - Siyuan-Harry/OmniTutor
  2. Upload learning materials: The upload widget in the sidebar supports PDF and .md files simutaenously.
  3. Customize your course: By few clicks and swipes, adjusting teaching style, lesson count and language for your course.
  4. Start course generating: Touch “Generate my course!” button in the sidebar, then watch how OmniTutor creates personal-customized course for you.
  5. Interactive learning: Learn the course, and ask OmniTutor any questions related to this course whenever you encountered them.

Thanks for reading, hopefully it helps reducing obstacles in your learning journey too! :laughing:

Thank you for sharing! This looks like a really cool idea, and one I’m interested in trying out.
Do you have any plans to make this a local tool that could use a locally running model as opposed to OpenAI? My use case is to keep my data private, but this seems like a really cool tool otherwise!