I need help for Gpu and thesis

In November Universität Heidelberg post-graduate study will begin and I dare to choose a rigid and diffucult areas. One for my profession and one for my inner depth. There are latent dimensions in many screenplays, novels, plays and very often main protagonist’s disappearance is not creating a imposibble problem for new vertices between nodes. Hamlet is the most crucial example. When Hamlet disappears on Complex Graph Network, new edges easily regenerates the structure. But Gravediggers disappears, a chaos like lonely nodes, edges appears so. If I can find latent dimension function a secondary protoganist in script, play, novel and lonely edges, nodes happens again, temporality is a serious condition too, so now this is time for intersection of semantics/concepts you deconstruct the protoganist and unseen variations, new adaptation can appear but. This needs Deep Learning Neural Graphs, a discriminative function will be many various because eigen-vector, cosine similarity, Jacard, etc. Whatever their average will not be more creative dramaturgy. But the protaganist with 2 sentences unleashes all the ties so before gradient of the hyperbolic function’s, decoding generations can force me to hyperbolic investigations. I stuided Film in Fine Arts Academy, İstanbul, Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Then years of visual effects with Houdini and now I can go back to Nuke, etc. I need fast extractions pdf’s and my budget is melting. I am writing a documentary for supplying myself DANCE ME TO THE END OF FRENZY, the most famous occurence dance frenzies of Middle Ages but in fact it is still occuring phenomena mass psychogenic illness and in 15 days a corpus is waiting, a real corpus in front of me. I just finished first draft of my other thesis, I am approved, but probably Philosophy degree is not will not be proper post-graduate degree but it grow out of my notes. Selbst-Stigmatisierung Gegen Selbst-Stigmatisierung, a cognitive endless loop, paralyses many people’s cognition. A long story grounded by schematism. To be applied as quick as possible I had adapted my screenplay to a novel. Because my ex-girlfriend without any consent sold my another documentary still I work. She did them from the notes of 2019 while I am in a depth of monophony of first years of jazz and descendended hundreds of years through Afro-American’s grief, captivation then polyphony’s interruption to jazz, Turkey, Egypt, many countries seeing this as a virtua but ask Igor Stravinsky, Bela Bartók, John Cage, Arvo Part, goes on. Contre-point’s problems. In Turkey 1930 traditional Turkish music is banned, already correlational with Arab world an d most significant Egypt too, their music were inside a real turmoil like us, all the world a decadence still going on. I will do it but first moving focusing on things, relax. But my Gpu yesterday were not responding, now someone tries to make it breathe again and 15 days for dead-line of DANCE ME TO THE END OF FRENZY. It is in fact about abstracting mass political crimes in essence self-merit group norm feeds it, we are using word mad uselessly and it is forcing masses of course impunity but not self interrogation real is being seen. Repeating, repeating. So I need a gpu who can help me one by one in the pdf’s. I am hopeful about your understanding. I did not choose this profession this kind of spiritual poverty. 2 years we were together than seperated but how can she do weird things, I do not want to talk. I need powerful GPU. After reaching Heidelberg it it is a community rule, trust me no one can stop me helping young person’s computational problems.
I was about to sell my script. Watch on youtube History of Arabesque 10 milyon subscribers and 10.000 watches. My plan was only renovation maybe like the first year of film school by a macbook pro. We are human who can help needs to help. But how I feel now you can not know. Who needs help needs to and want help. This is our nature.