Inference end points - add payment failing


I am trying use Inference endpoints feature but unable to proceed due to some error in Add payment page - “failed to pre-authorize funds: Your card was declined”.

I have tried with 2 different credit cards, still same issue, please help.


Are you using prepaid cards?

No, Its a post paid credit card. Could you please help

i am facing the same issue, tried with 4 credit cards from india. is there some issue with RBI guidelines, can someone from hugging face check

Same for me. This is due to RBI credit card restrictions but I use these cards on multiple online services. This is the first case where none of the cards is getting accepted. Feels like they are deliberately collecting all credit cards before routing to stripe to be able to use/exploit later.

I’m having the same problem :open_mouth: I’m from Mexico.

+1 from India

We do not yet support credit cards issued in India as we’re working on adding system compliance with the latest RBI directives - it’s in the roadmap! Until we add support for Indian credit cards, you can:

We hope this helps!