Payment method in India

Hi - I understand that the payment by credit cards is facing issues in India due to new RBI guidelines in late 2022, but request huggingface team to soon resolve it. I am not sure what kind of demand this platform is seeing from India but sure hope that it is pulled up in priority list.
I do understand that AWS marketplace is the alternate suggested approach but I am facing issues even though I have successfully verified and linked the organization account as huggingface platform is prompting me to purchase PRO or the other option for Autotrain.

Hope the priority goes up for this issue.


I am also encountering persistent issues while attempting to add a payment method to my Hugging Face account. Specifically, I am receiving a “Card Declined” error message, despite trying multiple cards on multiple occasions.

Upon investigation, I have found that Hugging Face uses Stripe as its payment gateway. It appears that Stripe is not adhering to the guidelines mandated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which could be the reason for the transaction failures.

I would appreciate any assistance or insights into resolving this issue. Has anyone else from India faced similar challenges? If so, how did you manage to overcome them?

Attaching a screenshot of communication from the bank


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I’m facing a similar issue when purchasing the PRO plan. @admins please resolve this at the earliest. This is a Blocker for Indian subscribers!

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This issue is stil happening