Introducing 3LC - the platform for data-centric AI

This Monday, we are thrilled to introduce the beta launch of 3LC, a tool specifically engineered to refine your datasets and optimize machine learning models. If you’re encountering data quality issues or seeking deeper insights into model performance, 3LC is here to assist. It facilitates swift, actionable insights directly from your models local training without uploading results to a SaaS , making it easier to address the challenges you face in your projects without disrupting your workflow.

What is 3LC? Three Lines of Code is designed to help you understand and improve your datasets and models performance, and the integration takes as little as three lines of code. The platform is currently optimized towards Computer Vision, though we are expanding the same workflows to work with fine-tuning LLMs! 3LC enables a more nuanced and deeper understanding of your machine learning performance without altering your existing workflow at all.

Why Participate? We are offering free and full access to our Beta release on Monday the 22nd, but we are limiting to 100 sign-ups to ensure we scale properly and provide people with the best experience possible. In exchange, we would like your honest feedback on how it works for you and what you think of the product so far.

Commitment to Community-Driven Improvement: The full version of 3LC will be free for non-commercial use and research, and we hope to thrive on community collaborations, which is why your feedback is so valuable. 3LC supports some of the most popular open-source frameworks and integrations, and we will work with the community to support as many as possible going forward.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out ( We wanted to share what we think is a unique solution. Please note we’re continuously developing and improving 3LC, so don’t expect a perfect product. That’s why we have reached out for your help, to improve and feedback. Have fun and expect bugs! We look forward to your insights as we continue to Illuminate the Black Box.

Warm regards,

Team 3LC