Is it allowed to store encrypted data in Huggingface Hub datasets?

My company (cannot disclose its name due to NDA) have some policies about our data and one of them forbids sharing data with third-parties in unencrypted form.

I want to publish some of our data to the Hugginface Hub, I can do it only in encrypted form (I even don’t have access to unencrypted form) is it allowed? I haven’t read ToS carefully, so I am asking here.

Private datasets is not an option for me, because:

  1. I don’t know who should have access to private dataset and I don’t want to keep an eye on it
  2. Again, I don’t have access to data in unencrypted form and company forbids placing this data anywhere in the internet in unencrypted form, so I can only publish data in encrypted form, so making the dataset private doesn’t make sense

The reason I want to publish this data to Hugginface is what this is a handy way to make data accessable for anyone who have the private key to decrypt the data.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for asking. Nothing is preventing from sharing encrypted data on the Hub.

Feel free to review the Content Policy anyway:

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