Launch timed out, space was not healthy after 30 min

Hi! Having this issue, that my space always ends to runtime error, even with default file (tried it earlier). Whole thing is working like it should be in gradio, but somehow not doing anything in huggingface. Logs end like this. Running on local URL:

To create a public link, set share=True in launch().

Anyway to fix this issue?
Link to space Model25000 - a Hugging Face Space by Ottis

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I’m also facing the same issue.
Commenting here to follow the thread.

Seems like issue with huggingface free plan, i upgraded cpu and its working as intented now

Same here :frowning: Kept thinking I was doing something wrong.

Same here… it took me the whole day to figure out that it’s not an issue on my side.

Same here. Any idea if this is going to be fixed, or do we have to start paying now? I’ve had issues for the past few days.

We had some issues over the weekend of crypto miners taking over a significant amount of CPU hosts. We’re working on mitigating this so spaces should work better now. Sorry about that!

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It is working now. Thanks a lot!