Spaces: Launch timed out, space was not healthy after 30 min


currently I want to create a A100 Space with a finetuned Falcon-40b-model as a gradio app. Everything works so far until the automatic model download starts. The model consists of 18 shards hat take approximately 2,5 minutes per shard for downloading which leads to a build/start time of approx 40-45 minutes overall.

After exactly 30 minutes the Space breaks with the error message: “Launch timed out, space was not healthy after 30 min” which actually makes sense but is unwanted though.

What can I do to prevent this behaviour?

Kind regards

hi @JulianGerhard ,

Thank you for raising this issue. We currently have an ongoing internal discussion regarding adding a customization for the health check timer. In the meantime, we recommend using a custom Dockerfile from the Space SDK and downloading the model during the build time in the Docker layer. Please let me know if you need any assistance with this. Here is an example Dockerfile · radames/Falcon-40b-Dockerfile at main.

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