LLM for autism research

Hi, everyone,
my name is Aika, short Aigerim. My team is called Aestima project. We are deeply involved in complex multidisciplinary research. To address the challenges of research we propose to design a specialized LLM-driven chatbot. The model will be focusing on areas of autism, technology, and regulation, to synthesize knowledge relevant to these topics.
If you are interested in this idea project, please reach out. We will be happy to discuss any form of co-operations, from consultation to partnership. We have a great team of experts and we need someone to consult us about tech side. Best regards.

Hi Aika, my name is Marcello and I work with backend development for 26 years. Currently I am self learning ML and focusing in transformer NNs. I have a niece with RETT syndrome, and want to research how the use of this AI can improve on augmented communication.