Meaning of "hourly" price for space?

I guess It is not clearly explained what “hourly” price means in HF official doc.

Does that mean that only the compute time running inference will be charged? or does that mean it charges as long as an space app is running?

  • oh, by the way, I couldn’t find the information how long of inactivity of a space app goes to the sleep mode (like when I revisit a space after few hours, I found the app is shutdown and started to rebuild)
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I am also looking for answer, otherwise I think I have to pay 5K per year for hosting one space.

This is the answer from huggingchat, not sure is true:
Thank you for asking me this question. To clarify the meaning of “hourly” pricing from Hugging Face documentation, it relates solely to the charge for the computing power utilized while performing inference runs on the Hugging Face Application services such as Virtual Private Space. Therefore, as stated earlier, the costs correspond purely to the processing usage during each individual interval, metered by one second and invoiced every minute, counting incomplete minutes as rounded whole units.