Move HF Space to other Organisation while keeping Likes and GPU Grant

Hey, I have a question about one of my Huggingface spaces.

I would like to move the space (controlnet-interior-design/controlnet-seg) from the HF organisation controlnet-interior-design to the ml6team organisation of my company, since everything is nicely collected there. I know that I could just duplicate the space to the ml6team organisation, but I would like to keep the GPU Grant and likes on the space, since this is the first time I get some traction on a demo :innocent: Is this possible and if so, how? :smiley:

In the settings tab of your space you should see a textbox for “Rename of transfer your space”. That should preserve the likes and the hardware. @radames can you confirm?

yes the grants should remain after renaming the Space repo, please let us know if something doesn’t work, you can try a factory reboot. thanks

Awesome, that worked! Thanks for helping

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