My First HF Space!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share my first hugging face space with the community lol. Quick background on me: I’m learning data science and machine learning on my own after being in physics research for the past couple of years. I’m kinda doing a self-directed masters degree, reading books on my own and stuff.

Anyway, I just completed a little project where I use historical air quality data in Chicago to train an xgboost classifier and predict the air quality index for the next three days on an hourly resolution. The model itself is not that great. I found that it didn’t perform much better than randomly guessing the air quality index (needed a log-loss better than 0.68, got 1.07 on the validation set on average). I suspect my feature engineering is pretty sub-par.

This is my first project where I’ve actually deployed a model for people to see rather than a jupyter notebook on my github. I’d appreciate any feedback if anyone has something to say!


  • Giorgio

hi @giorgiolatour great work! we have a show-and-tell category now, please feel free to add it to your post! cheers

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