Need help deleting an automated pull request

I was attempting to convert a model but unfortunately I’m very brand new to this site and how it works so I ended up instead making a pull request in a repo. Was not at all what I wanted to do, and I immediately closed it. Is it possible to just delete it, or is it once it’s published, it’s there for good? Since it was a mistake, I’m really hoping it can be deleted.

Would need more context to say for sure (ideally a link to the PR).

That said, if you’re worried about having made a mistake, don’t sweat it. Far worse mistakes have been made by people trying to figure things out.

A closed pull request won’t show up on anyone’s radar, or be remembered. Frankly it’s nothing to be concerned about. I might even argue that closing a mistaken pull request is exactly the right thing to have done, and shows you understand enough to back out of it when you recognized something you didn’t want. Taking it a step farther, posting here and asking for help shows that you are an invested community member.

tl;dr, if you think there’s an outstanding problem, there is not. If your worried about a blemish on your record, don’t be.

If anything the owners need to review the process and understand what is in place that led you down that path (and the mistake highlights a problem with the process, not you).