New user lost in the weeds

  • I began by talking to HuggingChat (HC)
  • I believe I want to start with a chatbot based on one of the pre-trained
    BART models
    ** Base, Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large
    ** I guess I should start Tiny and work my way up.
  • When I asked HC how to implement the chatbot
    ** It suggested I use a cloud-based service provider
    ** I decided to try Google Cloud (GC)
    ** HC appears to have been trained on an older version of GC.
    ** HC often tells me to click on a GC button that doesn’t exist.
    ** When I complain it often suggests something else that doesn’t work.
  • Where can I find working instructions for implementing a chatbot using a pre-trained BART model?
  • Once I get it working, I’ll move on to fine-tuning it.