Permanent hosting for Colab Notebooks

Hey guys, I was going through the gradio quickstart guide Quickstart which points to this Gogle Colab notebook Google Colab

There after running the server in the last step it says

This share link expires in 72 hours. For free permanent hosting and GPU upgrades (NEW!), check out Spaces: https:// huggingface co/spaces

How can I get a permanent url for my Colab notebook?

hi @ytrewk ,
If you want your app live beyond the 72hours link on Colab, please considerer publishing an alternative version on Spaces. You’ll need to convert your notebook into a python application

I actually don’t want my app live continuously for more than 72 hours, but what I am looking for is a way to have my app reuse the same url when I restart it. Is that possible?

hi @ytrewk , that’s not possible with Spaces, you can set a sleep time, however it will boot up after the next request. You can only have the ephemeral deployment URL using Gradio on a Google Colab.

@radames Now I am confused. I tried to search for any “paid” info on gradio website and docs and could not find any. Instead, I found this on the page you linked:

Hosting on HF Spaces

If you’d like to have a permanent link to your Gradio demo on the internet, use Hugging Face Spaces.

How should I grasp your message?

I also don’t really understand what you mean by “set a sleep time, however it will bot up after the next request”. Next request to what? To the url? That’s fine, actually that’s convenient. When I set the app to sleep, it’s convenient to have it start once I visit the url again.

Sorry If it was confusing.
When you set a Space, on the Free Tier, the Space app will sleep after 48h of inactivity. go to your Space settings
You will have a sharable and persistent URL for your Space regardless if it’s sleeping or not.

Classic misleading ads. Shame on you!
You do not provide permanent gradio URL (more than 72 hours) from Google colab with free tier!
There is no way to use Google colab with this address.