Problem on using Graphcore/vqa data

I’m following the example of VQA inside the website Visual Question Answering (
and meet some problems about importing the dataset

here are the catgolue and the file are not zip.I thought it may be something wrong about downloading?
I have local vqa-v2 dataset and tried to load them loacally but something was wrong.I clone the .py file from Graphcore/vqa to local disk and use local dataset.
How should i import the original vqa dataset online or from local?

@HandsomeHu I am facing the same problem.

I’m unable to reproducer the error, which could mean that the download on your machine is incomplete/corrupt. In that case, you should be able to fix the issue by redownloading the data files with load_dataset("Graphcore/vqa", download_mode="force_redownload").

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