[Query] Dreambooth - for multi-class view generation

Quite similar to this.

Assume there are five classes (flower object), i.e. [daisy, dandelion, roses, sunflowers, tulips]) and using dreambooth technique, would it be possible to generate new view from each of this object with their corresponding prompt (with a single model, not re-training on each object separately)…

a photo of daisy
a photo of dandelion
a photo of roses
a photo of sunflowers
a photo of tulips

And training with

--instance_data_dir="$instance_daisy, $instance_dandelion, ..."
--class_prompt="$prompt_daisy, $prompt_dandelion ..."\

It looks very usual cases, have anyone tried so far like this in dreambooth? Closes thing I’ve found is this Research project multi subject dreambooth by klopsahlong · Pull Request #1948 · huggingface/diffusers · GitHub but not optimal.

It works.