Questions on DAS Drive Configuration

Hi everyone,

I’ve been tinkering with my storage setup recently and could use some guidance on a particular aspect related to Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) drives.

My question revolves around the optimal configuration for DAS drives, especially in terms of performance and reliability. I currently have a couple of DAS drives that I use for storing and accessing large datasets, but I’m not entirely sure if I’m maximizing their potential.

Specifically, I’m curious about the best practices for configuring DAS drives in terms of RAID levels, filesystem choices, and any other relevant settings. Should I be considering RAID 0 for maximum performance, or is RAID 1 for redundancy a safer bet? Additionally, which filesystem would you recommend for optimal compatibility and performance with DAS drives?

I’ve done some research on my own, but I’d love to hear from the community about your experiences and recommendations. Have you encountered any particular configurations or setups that have worked well for you in the past? Any pitfalls or lessons learned that you could share to help a fellow enthusiast navigate the world of DAS drives?