Removing .bin files from local repo but not from hub


I want to remove the .bin files from a falcon-40b-instruct from my local machine. However, when I do that, I also remove them from the hub repo so I cannot deploy to an inference endpoint.

I want to still be able to change the other files later via a push from my local repo - so I only want to remove the .bin files locally.

Is there a way to remove the .bin files locally without removing them from the hub repo?

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You can find the answer in this tutorial (“Convert lfs file to pointer” section).

Also, when cloning a repo, it’s a good idea to prepend GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE=1 to the command to download non-LFS files (and LFS pointers) only and save disk space. You can still download the content of LFS files later if you need it with git lfs pull -I path_to_lfs_file.

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Thanks that’s very helpful!