Sharing a community provided dataset

I want to share my dataset, I’m following the instructions here:

I copied thins command in order to add the metadata:
python datasets-cli test datasets/ --save_infos --all_configs

but it gives me a syntax error each time

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘sample_data/’ /content/sample_data File “”, line 6 python datasets-cli test datasets/sample_data --save_infos --all_configs ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

What is the correct way to specify the dataset folder?


In the link you shared, under “Adding tests and metadata to the dataset”, it says:

“In the rest of this section, you should make sure that you run all of the commands from the root of your local datasets repository.”

Since you are getting ‘No such file or directory’, are you running from the root?

yes, I’m running from the root.

Can you share your dataset loading script?