Space is stuck at Building status

I was able to build and run my app on space until last week.
Today I just pushed a simple change and the build gets stuck for long time. Eventually in the status it says “runtime error on CPU upgrade”, without showing any more details.

I reverted back the change it still gets stuck and after long time says ““runtime error on CPU upgrade””. I tried restarting the space with no luck.

I created a new space and pushed same code, it is also stuck in the building state. It did not reach runtime error thing yet.

I am paying for upgraded CPU. it’s really frustrating not to be able to talk to a support or get more details what is wrong.

After trying restarting the space, then it started working.
Is there any maintenance going on ?

I’m also having huge problems building anything and just got an error 500 (internal server error) after trying to factory reset.

Same issue, while creating new space using Streamlit sdk getting error “Did not auto detect external IP. 9fvw7 2023-04-06T11:36:17.199Z Please go to for debugging hints. And if try to duplicate the existing one, its stuck in 'Build” with error 500 showing up intermittently.