Spaces interface bug: When space is reloading, the space hardware resets to CPU

Hey, I reached out to Abubakar and he suggested to post here.
I have a space with a community GPU grant, with a T4.

Howerver, today I noticed that while my space was broken (some config broke) or was restarting, the space showed that it reset to a CPU space.

Not sure if this is a visual bug only, but it definitely made me a bit uncertain. And this happened before, but likely then it was a visual bug as well?

I know that this UI is fairly new, and wanted to ping in case this is a bug and not an intended behavior, definitely threw me off.

this is indeed a bug

Fix coming soon (next week :crossed_fingers: )

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Thanks Julien, this was likely the cause of my mini panic in DMs. :sweat_smile: