Text Column not working with Image Folder

I’m trying to load a local custom image captioning dataset that I have filtered from a much larger one but I’m having issues where it seems that the Image Folder doesn’t seem to be picking up the captions/labels for the images or the csv file that they are contained on

Hi! What’s the structure of the Train_Images and Test_Images folders and the contents of the metadata file(s)? You can obtain the folder structure using the tree command.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 160426
Thanks for responding. The structure is as shown in this image. Also how would I use the tree command? Thanks.

The metadata files must be named metadata.csv as explained here.

The metadata file is still not picked up even when I renamed it?

Can you replace data_dir= with data_files= in the last load_dataset call and try again?

Hi, thanks for responding. I fixed the issue yesterday once I changed my metadata from a csv to a jsonl file it just worked