Train model for poem, quotes and for emotional writings

Hi guys, i am new to machine learning and python. My primary language will be hindi(devnagri).
I have used some gits and ran codes. All went great. I am happy :slight_smile:

now i want to build my own model for long term purposes. and will add more data(resumable right?) with pass of time.

so anyone can please assist me for future proof technologies (e.g. 5-7yrs) and a simple step by step guide to start? (u dnt have to explain code :slight_smile: :smiley: )

i have been reading many articles since a week but haven’t found a newbie poem specific instruction.

So, my goal:

  • input data language: Hindi (i have my own plain text database)
  • training type: poems, quotes and emotional sentences,
  • export model for long term use. say 10yrs
  • expected output length: 400chars
  • time and performance is not a big issue right now.

thanks in advance and sorry for lame english