{'trained_betas'} was not found in config

What is this warning about when setting up a pipe or diffusing?

{'trained_betas'} was not found in config. Values will be initialized to default values.
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@EasyDiffusion feel free to disregard this warning if you’re not running into errors :slight_smile:
It’s intended as a way to spot incompatibilities between schedulers with different hyperparameters, when you load them from a config created by another scheduler.

There should be either a way to suppress warnings, or proper documentation on configuration to avoid them from the get go.

A defaulting value doesn’t seem like something that should really be disclosed, but expected for non-existing value (well, at least for something that isn’t required).

I think in this particular case the warning message might have been a bit more alarming than necessary. trained_betas is a way to provide a completely custom noise schedule, but it’s not necessary if you use one of the built-in schedules (linear, scaled_linear, etc) which the pre-trained models use. The warning means that the saved configuration does not include that property, but it’s really not necessary because the model is using a pre-defined schedule.

Nevertheless, I believe this should have been resolved already, is it still popping up for you?