Transformer AIs for Managers? Can someone PLZ Tutor me? I have $$ for you

Hi guys, I am a TEDx talker and CEO who wants to use AI in my companies BUT I am having a hard time understanding the stuff on this forum - I am not a programmer (although I did code some JS in the 90s).

I am interested in AI chat bots made from TRANSFORMERS like BERT (I think?)

I am already very knowledgeable in GPT3 - i want to make something from scratch and not pay API fees…

Can someone point me in the direction of a turtorial or book for BEGINNERS? Not even coding per se, but what open source AI is (are they all transformers or more?), what is available, what it can do, who i should i hire to work on it, what we can accomplish, how much will that cost, what should i expect? Etc.

If no book or online resource for managers exists, or even if it does, can I pay someone $100 per hour to tutor me on it? Or more if you want, I just need someone to get me grounded here :slight_smile: I promise to learn fast!!! :slight_smile: and not be a pain

thanks very much for your time! sorry in advance if this is not the right forum for this kind of question

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Hi @joshbachynski, I’m not aware of a single resource that has answers to all your questions (especially the ones about who to hire, costs, expectations etc), but here’s a few resources I found useful when trying to grok Transformers at a conceptual level:

Regarding these questions

what open source AI is (are they all transformers or more?), what is available, what it can do

the short, but incomplete answer is that open source AI/ML is a HUGE ecosystem of libraries and communities (e.g. PyTorch / TensorFlow / HuggingFace / spaCy / fastai / scikit-learn / …) and applications involving Transformers are mostly in the NLP domain, but quickly growing to computer vision, reinforcement learning, and other fields.

Hope that helps!


Thanks very much! can we interface over email or zoom, so i can pick your brain on this a bit? i can pay you for your time, just name your hourly cost

i will schedule anytime that is convenient for you! thanks very much in advance!

i won’t be annoying lol ;p

Thanks for the offer @joshbachynski but I’m not in a position right now to take on new projects :grimacing:

In the meantime, feel free to post any questions you have in the forum - I don’t think anything is “off-limits” as long as it’s broadly about Transformers / NLP (which raises the chance someone in the community will know the answer).

For a more general approach to how to lead AI projects this can be helpful:

AI For Everyone

Structuring Machine Learning Projects

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Gpt3 is even old tech now. Now we have qnlp, gattNN etc…

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Great! When can we meet to discuss it?