Trouble with finding flagged output

In Spaces there is a flag button on the output widget and I can’t seem to figure out how to find the text that has been flagged.

I have tried setting the flagged_dir argument in Gradio’s interface function to a number of paths: my username/app, my username/app/blob, and my username/app/blob/main, as well as all those with ‘/flagged’ appended. I had imagined that if successful, a folder would appear in the repo for my app containing text files. Is that something I would need to do more to set up?

I was attempting to work it out last night and today my flag button is disabled in both of my spaces, which makes me wonder if I was cut off by HF for flag abuse, but that’s a separate question.

What am I missing about flagging?

Should I be raising this question in a Gradio forum instead?