Unbiased chat or LLM required. Or even a model that I can retrain without using code. Please

Hi all…

I’m looking for a chatbot /large language model whatever it’s called… an AI programme to help me

I would like to I would like the aid of AI

I’m with starting A blog which philosophises on the nature of reality, people, society, and so forth

& would like to employ AI to add some clarity and depth to my text

it turns out that the ai models ive used to date have been trained with certain bias not only but including the protected characteristics for example

This is preventing me from being able to discuss any moral standpoints in the event of me upsetting someone somewhere!

Having said that I am now on the lookout 4 a more suitable model and would really appreciate a point in the right direction.

Ps I have zero coding knowledge but tons of

Commitment , Peace & Love

With thanks

Carlos no1wellos@hotmail.com