Let's Make an Ethics Chat Bot that's Not Racist!

I am a philosopher and I have studied Ethics for over 20 years (check me here j.mp/joshtedx). I am disheartened to see a few recent attempts to make Ethics AIs have not turned out well (racist ethics AIs - Google Search)

This should not happen. I am quite certain I can make an Ethics AI Few shot, Q and A example or cloze or knowledge base that is not racist for you, if you can make the chat bot part. I can also easily correct the answers from any large NLP model.

Let’s show the world not all Ethics AIs will end up racist!

I suggest doing this as a not-for profit project that others could even then use in their chat bots to correct for unethical answers as an out-of-the-box solution!

If anyone is interested please LMK! Let’s make something good for humanity!