I have $$$ and I want to make AIs

Super sorry if this is not the right place but TLDR: I am a philosopher and I want to make AIs but I have no programming knowledge

I need a partner or contractor who wants to make something great

What is great, you say?

Well, this is okay. People (even some smart ones) say AI is unethical and will destroy us

So I made this Ethics AI with another company to prove it won’t/can’t:


It will instruct what ethics is. You might not agree, but i hope you see my angle. I intend to make that free for anyone to rope into their programming flow so their app/AI can make ethical decisions too! You’ll notice the Ethicality score usuable for machines

Anyways i have way more i want to make and build - I am familiar with how to make prompts for transformers… maybe one here will work better than GPT3?

If someone wants to consult for me / work with me email me and lmk joshbachynski at gmail.com

I have more AIs I want to build! I have $$$ or we can profit share, whatever you want

I have ideas for something big… HALP!

again sorry if this was not the right place