Upside down diffusion space by ap123 is not working

can someone please fix upside down diffusion by ap123? it’s been down for almost a week now and it immediately displays runtime error (and the log) upon starting. attention @ap123 and @radames

i used the space last month to create dozens of transformations and publish one of them one day at a time but i’m almost at the last…
if anyone is interested i publish them to Manny Juan (@mannyjuan7) • Instagram photos and videos (among other social media places).

Only ap123 can do that because the space requires a GPU to run, if you can get in contact with them, all they need to do is pausing and unpausing the space, and it will work again.

thanks for replying - i ended up duplicating the space and it started working. HOWEVER, now i pay for everytime i use it - i’m not complatining. it’s only fair.

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