Utilizing Gradio to Develop an Image and Video Gallery in a Linux Docker Containerized Environment

We have a Linux platform that involves the storage of multiple video and image output files from cameras, and we are exploring options to create a user-friendly image and video gallery to view and download this content.

After some research, we came across Gradio and are interested in leveraging its capabilities to develop the desired gallery within a containerised environment.

Our primary objectives include:

  1. We have Linux platforms where output files from cameras, comprising both videos and images, are stored on a fixed path.
  2. Creating an interactive and visually appealing image and video gallery.
  3. Allowing users to easily view and download content from the gallery.
    Reff: gradio_videogallery V0.0.2 - a Hugging Face Space by dawood
  4. Implementing the solution within a containerized environment (Docker)

We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide insights.