Websocket no longer allowed?

We’ve been working with several Hugging Face Spaces without issue until recently. However, from last day onwards, all of our Spaces have been failing to work as expected. It appears that we can’t establish a websocket connection anymore, with the following error:

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://renumics-cifar100-enriched.hf.space/api/ws.

We are unsure if there has been any changes to websocket permissions or connectivity on the Hugging Face Spaces platform. This error is replicated across all the Spaces we’ve been working on. Public Example: Explore CIFAR-100 Enriched with Spotlight - a Hugging Face Space by renumics

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@chris-rannou Could this be caused by the recent hub migration?

we have replaced wsproto with websockets in our app - now it works again :slight_smile:

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interesting, do you know what’s the difference?

I’m also interested what was the reason of break.

I’m working on framework called Mercury - GitHub - mljar/mercury: Convert Jupyter Notebooks to Web Apps

I have few demos that work perfectly on HF. Recently I got info from users that is stopped to work … Here is an example app Deploy Mercury - a Hugging Face Space by pplonski

Any ideas or tips? Thank you!