Where to place NLP swear words lists

Hello everyone,

I was looking for resources of swear words as the LDNOOBW list seems not to be maintained anymore. Anyway, I found many sources, but there it was the same issue mostly, no one takes care anymore. So I scraped the ones I found, merged them, and thought of placing them here, just the question in which nlp-dataset-topic the lists would fit best?
Second point, I tried to review them to remove non-offensive words from the lists, but as I am German I think it would be best that the other languages could be reviewed by native speakers… I hope some nlp enthusiasts find time to support with the quality of the lists.

We don’t have a task category for “bad words” lists, so it’s probably best to add a profanity tag to the dataset to make it discoverable on the Hub.

okay thanks, i will do that,