Build error exit code: 2 during git lfs pull

Hi Huggingface community,

I face an issue for my second app on spaces.
PhenIEI - a Hugging Face Space by kyauy

The app can’t be build, and the error is here :

→ RUN --mount=target=pre-requirements.txt,source=pre-requirements.txt pip install --no-cache-dir -r pre-requirements.txt

→ ERROR: process “/bin/sh -c git init && git remote add origin $(cat /run/secrets/SPACE_REPOSITORY) && git add --all && git config "" && git config "Name" && git commit -m "lfs" && git lfs pull && rm -rf .git .gitattributes” did not complete successfully: exit code: 2

I tried to reboot, recommit track on git lfs, but still not working.
It work in streamlit cloud though (

Does someone has already face this issue ?