Build taking over 1 hour

Trying out spaces for first time
made a change to files and the status has been in building for 1 hour.

here is my code

import streamlit as st

def main(): 
    _, col1, col2, col3,_ = st.columns((1, 2,2,2, 1))
    mainContain = st.container()
    if col1.button("Search by text"):
       st.session_state['tab'] = 1 
    if col2.button("Find Similar"):
       st.session_state['tab'] = 2 
    if col3.button("Classify"):
       st.session_state['tab'] = 3 
if __name__ == '__main__':

anyone else run into this issue?

Hi @TheLitttleThings,

Do you still have build issues ?

thanx for reminding me, appears IT at school are blocking some of the traffic from HuggingFace.
everything is working as expected.