Streamlit Space Stuck on "Building"

Hello. I’m working on a space to show dataset statistics for the BigBIO working group (bigbio (BigScience Biomedical Datasets)).

I’ve tested the code locally and on the streamlit cloud and both run without problems.

However, the HF spaces version (Bbtest - a Hugging Face Space by gabrielaltay) appears to reach the end of the build process,

#10000 ===== Application Startup at 2023-01-21 21:24:56 =====

2023-01-21 22:25:33.987 INFO    matplotlib.font_manager: generated new fontManager

Collecting usage statistics. To deactivate, set browser.gatherUsageStats to False.

2023-01-21 22:25:55.575 Did not auto detect external IP.
Please go to for debugging hints.

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  Network URL:

but the space is stuck in a state of “Building”. I’ve tried factory reset a few times but get the same results. there is something I’d like to check but cant w/o access to the host machine,

  • I put git+ in the requirements.txt file to have access to the bigbio Python package. There are some dataloading scripts that are treated as data there (biomedical/setup.cfg at main · bigscience-workshop/biomedical · GitHub) … I’m curious to know if those dataloading scripts are actually making there way to the pip installation (I can see them locally in the site_packages directory and they must be there in the streamlit cloud for it to work, but maybe the way the HF space pip installs is different?)

In addition

  • I have some print statements in the early part of the file that I don’t see in the hugging face spaces log, I’ll turn these into real logging statements and see if that helps.
  • I pinned streamlit==1.17.0 in requirements, but I’ve tried with and w/o this with the same results.

Any debugging ideas appreciated!

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I’m also seeing my streamlit spaces stuck in “building”. I tried a simple hello-world example, and I tried restarting, factory resetting, and creating a new space without success.

I suffer this problem too

hi all, were experiencing some infra outages this weekend

sorry to hear that! thanks for the heads up. fwiw, the space is building now.

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I’m encountering this as well today with a streamlit app, even after a factory reset. Logs show that streamlit is running but the app just says “Building”. Don’t see an infra problems on the HF status page. Any ideas?

Is there any infra outages this week? I get the same issue